A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Licensed Home Inspector

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After picking the home of your dreams the next step is to see if it is indeed a dream house or the ultimate nightmare. A thorough inspection of your prospective home will help you know for sure. Home inspectors can reveal problems you may not have noticed at first glance. These can be pointed out to the seller, so they are fixed before you move in. You may also find issues that can make you reconsider the property.

A complete inspection will include the checking of all major mechanical systems, the building’s structural integrity, as well as the cosmetic features of the house. Now, the most vital bit of an inspection is finding an expert you can trust to do a good job.

At Northcoast Property Inspections, we are specialists at in-depth home inspections, and we want to arm you with the right knowledge to pick the proper inspection professional. For this, we’ve created a Beginner’s Guide to choosing a licensed home inspector. Through this guide, we will show you how to find a quality service provider.

Getting Started

Don’t rush things: When you are preparing to buy a home and get a home inspection, don’t hire the first inspector you come across. Do your homework when choosing a licensed home inspector so you will have a quality home inspection that will reveal all potential issues (not just the obvious ones) about the home before you buy it.

Interview the inspector: Before you choose an inspector, interview them first. Interviewing the candidates will provide answers about their experience, skills, and reputation. Essential questions you need to ask potential inspectors are:
a. What does your inspection cover?
b. How long have you been inspecting homes and how many have you completed?
c. Do you participate in continuing education?
d. Do you have previous inspection reports for reference of your work?

Next Steps

The selection: To have a good and thorough inspection, hire someone that knows what they’re doing and can accurately identify your potential home’s defects. Just like in any profession, there will be those who are more qualified than others, make sure you consider this before making your selection. 

Advice From The Pros

Look for communication and comfort: Be sure you are comfortable with your choice of home inspector. They are essential and can help you detect and avoid major pitfalls in the home buying process. See if they are easy to communicate with and understand, especially when explaining the issues with the house.

Speak to your real estate professional: They may be able to recommend a home inspector that they have worked with in the past and trust to do a great job.

Ask friends and family: If you know anyone who has recently gone through the home buying process, they may have a good recommendation for you.

At Northcoast Property Inspections, our goal is to exceed your expectations. As the go-to home inspection company in Jacksonville, FL, we assign experienced professionals to inspect your home. Each of them has been trained efficiently to provide full home inspections, wood-destroying organism inspections, new construction inspections, wind mitigation, and more.

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