Frequently Asked Questions

As a prospective new homeowner, we know you have questions. Please see the frequently asked questions below to find the answers to your questions about our home inspection services. Can't find an answer to your questions? Give us a call.

  • I am interested in getting a home inspection for a home that I am purchasing. Does Northcoast Property Inspections offer free estimates?

    Absolutely. Please call us at (904) 891-6674, and we will ask you some details about the home you are purchasing. We can then immediately provide you an estimate for the home and schedule the inspection as you desire.

  • How long will the home inspection last?

    The length of the home inspection depends on the size of the home. A typical home inspection last three to four hours. The length of the inspection can also take longer if additional services such as a WDO Inspection or Wind Mitigation service are ordered.

  • I am looking to have a home inspection complete prior to selling my home. Do you offer home inspections for sellers?

    Yes, sellers often use our home inspection services prior to listing their homes for sale on the market so they have no surprises when a buyer performs an inspection of their own. Furthermore, pre-listing inspections allow sellers to address any issues prior to putting the home on the market and therefore remove any hesitations of buyers when looking at the home.

  • Do I need to be present at the home inspection?

    No, you do not need to be present at the home inspection. Your real estate agent or the listing agent will provide access to the property. However, you are encouraged to attend the home inspection.

  • What is a WDO Inspection?

    "WDO" is an acronym for "Wood Destroying Organism." This additional service is an inspection for evidence of termites or simply wood decay. Due to Florida's large presence of insects as well the high humidity climate, a WDO inspection can identify potential issues with a home prior to purchase. WDO Inspections are provided by a licensed pest control operator.

  • Is Northcoast Property Inspections, LLC licensed and insured?

    Yes! Northcoast Property Inspections is both a licensed and insured home inspection service in the State of Florida.